The Unit Trust Corporation in conjunction with ALGICO (American Life and General Insurance Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited) has created The Student Investment and Protection Plan (SIPP)

Disclaimer: An investor should consider a Fundís investment objectives risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. This and other important information can be found in the Fundís prospectus. Obtain a prospectus from our website or at any of our UTC Investment Centres and read carefully before investing.

The Unit Trust Corporation in conjunction with Pan American Life Insurance Company of Trinidad and Tobago. has created The Student Investment and Protection Plan (SIPP), a one of a kind investment plan that combines an investment plan for your child’s future with accident and medical insurance.

We acknowledge the fact that children tend to be active and therefore may get injured occasionally. That’s why the UTC has introduced a two-part plan involving investment as well as protection. The investment aspect of the plan seeks to give your child a head start to financial independence by the time he/she has graduated from high school through regular investment. The protection comes in the form of Accident Insurance and will be provided by ALGICO (American Life and General Insurance Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited) where students will be covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

SIPP offers many benefits:


Your minimum initial investment can be as low as $50. That’s because the minimum insurance premium is $25 per annum and the minimum investment is $25 per month. After the initial payment, monthly contributions to the account must not be less than $25. However any size lump sum payments may be made at any time.

High Returns

Your SIPP is invested in stocks and shares of local companies trading on the stock exchange, government and government guaranteed bonds, short-term securities, and in foreign investments. A team of highly experienced and skilled professionals proficient in money management, financial analysis, economic forecasting and banking ensures that the investment gives the best growth possible over the long-term and the highest returns available.

No other plan offers you this kind of opportunity. Your SIPP investment continues to grow throughout your child’s school years.


Anyone can invest for a child. You must however take the responsibility to invest the minimum amount required monthly ($25.) You choose your convenient payment option – salary deduction, standing order, cash payment, Linx, or cheque. You also have the flexibility of making contributions monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or in periodic lump sum payments.

You should note that only one account can be opened per child, and only one child can be named on an account.

Satisfies long-term goals

When the child turns 18, the account can then be signed over to him or her unless you wish to continue the premium payments whilst the child continues his or her full time tertiary education up to age 23.

Daily Calculation

The proceeds of this plan are invested in UTC’s Growth and Income Fund (First Unit Scheme). The price of a unit is calculated on a daily basis and is based on the value of securities in the fund on that day. Prices are published every day in the daily newspapers.

24 hours a day , 7 days a week, 365 days a year accidental insurance coverage up to $30,000 Reduced need to use investment to cover medical expenses
Capital appreciation & income Help in beating inflation & increasing capital
Guaranteed contribution after three years from date of deposit Peace of mind
$50 to start Everyone has an opportunity to invest