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Knowing your financial fitness is a very important first step towards improving your personal finances. Start by taking this quiz to get an idea of how well you’ve managed your money so far. If the test shows you are not financially fit – then it is never too late for you to act now. And if you are financially fit – this will help you further improve your financial plan. Let’s find out how healthy your finances are.

I have enough money every month to pay my bills.
I keep good records of important documents (e.g., tax forms, insurance policies and financial documents).
I have money set aside for an emergency (for example, if my car breaks down).
I have money set aside to cover at least a few months of living expenses if I lose my job or become disabled.
I pay close attention to my financial statements.
Part of my income automatically goes to savings.
I contribute to a retirement account.
I pay off my credit card(s) in full every month.
I know how much debt I have, including credit cards, mortgage, car loan, student loans, etc.
My debt is manageable for me.
I have a good system for tracking my spending.
When it comes to investing, I understand how to diversify my money.
I have health insurance to cover my medical expenses.
I have insurance that covers disability.
I have an up-to-date will.
I have insurance to cover me if I become disabled and can’t work.
I know how much of my money goes to taxes.
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NOTE: The figures shown are meant to be rough estimates. You should consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions based on this data.