More than just mutual funds. The UTC is truly a financial solutions provider offering products and services to meet every need.


To foster a culture of saving and investment through education and innovative solutions that allow everyone access to the capital markets.


The leader in investment management and wealth creation in the region.


To create and enhance wealth for all by providing innovative investment solutions and world class customer service.

Customer Value Proposition

We are your "Partners for Life," committed to providing you with UNRIVALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE and tailored investment solutions to strengthen your financial legacy.

Core Values

The Corporation in all its internal and external dealings will embrace, adhere and be guided accordingly:

Core Values Value Statements/Guiding Principles
Integrity We guide our actions by the principles of trust, honesty, fairness and ethical standards.
Respect We treat our employees, unitholders and other stakeholders in a courteous, caring and dignified manner.
Performance Excellence We ignite the passion of our employees to deliver value to our unitholders, achieve organizational sustainability and enhance personal growth and development.
Leadership We are industry trailblazers who shape future corporate behavior and performance through advanced technological practices, corporate and social responsibility and product innovation and diversification. Our leaders inspire, motivate, influence, empower and engage employees at all levels to achieve our performance targets.
Robust Corporate Governance We continuously enhance our corporate governance framework and processes through effective board oversight, a strong risk management culture and transparent systems.