Types of UTC Mutual Funds


TT$IF mutual fund holders over the age of 60 and institutions do not pay a withholding tax.

TT$IF is calculated and compounded daily and credited quarterly.

TT$ Income Fund (TT$IF)

Is typically structured for a low risk, high return investor.

This fund assures accessibility of your funds, capital safety and most importantly, a high rate of return.

TT$IF can start working for you with an initial minimum investment of only TT$100.

Investing in the TT$IF guarantees no holding period, service, sales and handling charges. There is also no withdrawal fee attached.

US$ Income Fund


Opening an US$ Income Fund is easy. You only need a minimum investment of US$100.00

Subsequent deposits can be from US $20.00 and up.

Putting your US dollars to better use at the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation

The US$ Income Fund allows short-term investors with US Dollars to invest, while reaping a high current income, as well as easy access to their funds and safety of capital.

This fund gains its strength by investing in a diversified range of high quality short-term US Dollar denominated fixed income securities. These securities will include a wide range of government, corporate and money market instruments of investment grade quality.

The Growth & Income Fund (GIF)


Accessibility of your funds in the GIF

Minimum Initial Deposit TT$100.00

High Rate of return for your Long term investment needs

Planning for a better future is a must!

Therefore one should choose a fund that would assist in one's goals.

The Growth & Income Fund (GIF) is a great way to invest for the long term.

The investor is attracted to the high rate of return with the understanding of the high risks involved.

The GIF is invested in shares of local companies trading on the stock exchange, government and government guaranteed bonds, short-term securities, United States investments and regional investments

The price of a unit is calculated daily and is based on the value of securities in the Fund on that day.


Investors at retirement age can benefit from any of the retirement options

The Universal Retirement Fund

“Now is the time to start your “R- Day” preparation”

The Universal Retirement Fund (URF) has a proven track record that towers above the rest of funds on the market. At the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation we are committed to financially securing you.

With that in mind the URF is a new and innovative approach to pension saving, it also presents an affordable way to adequately prepare for ‘R-Day’/ your Retirement Day. All individuals including self-employed and corporate bodies can participate in this fund.