The Cash Management Plan is designed to meet the many needs of today’s demanding investors by offering a number of optional services that can be tailored to work in a way that is best suited to each investor.


Disclaimer: An investor should consider a Fundís investment objectives risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. This and other important information can be found in the Fundís prospectus. Obtain a prospectus from our website or at any of our UTC Investment Centres and read carefully before investing.

The Cash Management Plan (CMP) is an innovative financial planning product which helps investors:

  • Formulate a comprehensive investment program
  • Protect and preserve their investment
  • Accumulate funds for their retirement
  • Plan for their children's education
  • Access funds for emergencies

The CMP allows an investor to automatically transfer funds, build capital, and construct an investment strategy that suits individual needs.

Best of all, the CMP provides a way to combine different assets into one consolidated program that is easy to maintain and control and is managed by investment professionals with a proven success record.

Description of the CMP

The Cash Management Plan is designed to meet the many needs of today's demanding investors, by offering a number of optional services that can be tailored to each investor.

The plan allows investors to make cash contributions into the account. The cash is then swept automatically into investments consistent with the financial goals the investor has identified through the selection of the available investment options.

With your choice of investment strategies, you designate the amount to be invested, the frequency of your investment and the portfolio appointment.


Investment Options

Investment Starter Option • For the Younger Investor

This option is recommended for investors aged 24-38. It caters for individuals who have now started or are in the early stages of their careers. This investor can take a long-term view when structuring one's portfolio; therefore the majority of the cash in this option is invested in medium to long-term growth instruments, and includes a retirement reserve. The remainder of the cash is invested in short-term instruments.

Prime Time Earner Option • For the person in Mid-career

This option is recommended for investors aged 39-50 who are in mid-career, their prime earning years. Since the outlook is medium to long-term, the CMP cash is allocated to a balanced asset mix that includes some long-term growth-oriented instruments and a large retirement reserve.

Autumn Dawn Option • In the Run Up to Retirement

This option is recommended for investors between the ages of 50-60. In the run up to retirement, the focus is still on growth, however most of this is in a retirement reserve, with the remainder invested in income producing medium to short-term investments.

Golden Harvest Option • For After Retirement

In retirement, one’s primary investment goals are current income and the preservation of capital. However, there must be an element of growth to help keep up with inflation. Therefore this option structures the asset mix so that the majority of cash is in short to medium-term, high income producing investments with a small amount in growth-oriented investments.

Enhancer Features

The CMP also offers additional enhancer features to cater for special investment needs. These enhancer features may be added to any Investment Option.

Automatic Dividend Transfer

This feature lets investors automatically transfer dividends earned on their high income producing medium and short-term investments, to the long-term portion of their portfolio.