After you stop working and retire you will need to have an income for decades still. Meanwhile, inflation continues to carry up the cost of living.

  • Risk Level: Moderate (Price Fluctuations Possible)

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  • For you to maintain your standard of living after you retire you need to plan now, and save now, for your retirement.

The best company pension plan only provides two thirds of your final salary as a pension income after you retire. So, you start off your retirement with less income than when you were working.

As prices continue to rise, the buying power of that income becomes less and less. That is why it is important for you to have a supplemental pension plan, or if you don't have a company pension it is important for you to have your own personal pension plan.

Pensions Plus is the plan that can provide you with the income you will need after retirement.

Tax Approved

Pensions Plus is an approved deferred annuity that allows you to receive tax relief up to the maximum deduction allowed for contributions made to approved annuity plans.

Life Insurance

Pensions Plus also provides you with up to $100,000 reducing term life insurance coverage, dependent upon your age, with no medical examination required. In addition, accidental death insurance of $50,000 is provided up to age 65. Each month $25 is deducted from your account as an administration fee.

Tax deductions up to $30,000 Paying less taxes
Reducing term life insurance up to $100,000 with no medical exam Protection with no hassles
Accidental death benefit up to $50,000 Less worries for those left behind
Portability Reaping the rewards of all of your hard work
Flexible contributions Investing at your own pace
Possible capital appreciation & income Help in beating inflation & increasing capital
Guaranteed income for life (Capital guaranteed after 3 years plus any interest earned on the investment at the time of maturity.) A guaranteed source of income
Guaranteed capital after three years from date of deposit Peace of mind
Insurance can be a source of collateral for loans Two-fold use of your investment
$125 to start Everyone has an opportunity to invest