The Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (UTC) provides asset and wealth management services for individuals, public and private institutions through our mutual fund products and specialised asset management services.

Mutual Fund Products

UTC’s Mutual Funds include:

  • Income Funds
    • TT Dollar Income Fund
    • US Dollar Income Fund
  • Equity Funds
    • Growth & Income Fund
    • Universal Retirement Fund
    • Individual Retirement Unit Account

Pension Assets Management

The UTC provides assessment of clients' current retirement arrangements including assessment of performances. Based on these analyses, we offer comprehensive pension services such as providing investment recommendations, custodial services, investment selection and management, pension administration and report services.

Corporate Asset Management

In addition to our Pension Assets Management and our comprehensive array of Mutual Fund products, we also offer specialised employer/employee plans. These plans range from holiday savings plans to supplemental retirement plans and even regular savings plans. The UTC acts as the trustee (through our Trust Services Department), administrator and manager of these services. This, coupled with our investment expertise, has resulted in a number of satisfied clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create customised solutions for the savings and investment issues our clients face. Questions or concerns can be directed to the UTC Reputation Management at