Worldwide Access

This debit card was introduced in August 2005 and is the card of choice for customers that require quick and easy access to withdraw from or deposit money in their US$ Income Fund account.

Visa Debit Cardholders:

  • Can make purchases or conduct withdrawals anywhere in the world.
  • Point of sale transactions are FREE (no transaction fees) at merchant locations worldwide wherever the Visa symbol is displayed.
  • Visa debit cards are now accepted at over 1 million ATMs and 20 million merchants in over 170 countries worldwide.
  • All charges to the card are settled in US$ regardless of the initial currency of the transaction.

Apply for your Visa Electron Debit Card today!

Over the phone – Call us at (868) 625-8648 (UNIT) to speak with one of our representatives and we’ll send the card to the UTC Investment Centres of your choice within 3 days!

At a UTC Investment Centre - Come in to any one of our UTC Investment Centre either with an application form or fill out the form at one of customer service representatives.

Via U-Online – You can apply for your new card by accessing the requests menu on our online service U-online. Register for your U-Online access now.

In order to be eligible for this card, you must have a minimum balance of US$50.00 in your US$ Income Fund account. This account cannot be jointly held.


Transaction activity is monitored daily to detect any possible fraudulent transactions, and actions are taken by the UTC card services department to limit any exposures.
When travelling, be sure to check in with our travel registry so we can contact you incase of emergencies or monitor your card activity for any suspicious transactions. E-mail us at with your details, or inform our customer service representatives of your travel plans.

Cardholders are urged to monitor their transaction activity, either through their monthly statements, eStatement portal or (recommended) via U-Online our free internet service (Click here to learn more). 

You can also speak to our customer service representatives at 625-UNIT (8648) utilizing option 3 from 7:00am to 10:00pm daily (including weekends and public holidays).

As a security precaution, internet based purchases are currently prohibited. Cardholders can withdraw up to a maximum of US$1,000.00 (or the TT dollar equivalent) daily at an ATM* and make point-of-sale purchases up to a maximum of US$5,000.00 daily (or the TT dollar equivalent).
*subject to individual participating ATM rules


  • No point of sale transaction fees.
  • No fees for withdrawals at UTC ATMs.
  • Free Balance enquiries at any ATM.
  • Travel Accident insurance.
  • TT dollar withdrawals can be made at any one of our ATMs located at all UTC Investment Centres. Find the ATM nearest you.
  • US dollar withdrawals can be made at local ATMs that dispense US cash as well as ATMs worldwide.


  • Annual card fee is only US$20.00 the lowest cost Visa Debit card in the local industry.
  • If a card is lost, stolen or damaged, there is a replacement fee of US$20.00.
  • All transaction types are free of charge at UTC ATMs
  • US$3.25 fee is charged for all withdrawals conducted at non UTC local ATMs.
  • US$3.25 fee is charged for international ATM withdrawals,

No fees are charged for balance enquiry transactions at local non UTC ATMs or foreign ATMs

The UTC Card Services offers quick and friendly support to our customers every day from 7am to 10pm (also available on public holidays). On all matters relating to the UTC Visa Debit Cards please call us at (868) 625-8648 (UNIT).